Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The “Real Cost” of That First New Car

Your son turns 16 and wants to buy a new car.

What might you tell him?

Suppose you showed him instead that he could save $150 per month by buying a good used car -- rather than a new one! Most new cars lose a lot of their value just after driving them off the lot anyways.

If he were to save the $150.00 per month savings in a Roth IRA for 5 years (from age 16 to 21) at 6% rate of interest he would accumulate $10,518.00!

At age 21 after the car is paid off he could just leave the $10,518.00 alone to compound for 44 years (until age 65).

If the investment was working at 10% over the 44 years he would have $841,222.00.

If it was working at 12% he would have $2,011,965.00 and it would all be Tax-Free!

Just think, this could be the prize at 65 for not buying a new car at age 16!

Money smart people understand “Compound Interest” and the “Time-Value” of money! Won't you join the club?

The Money Message:
  • “Delayed Gratification” is something most teenagers know little about because it is usually not practiced by their peers, or their parents.
  • In this example, one decision to delay a desired “Pleasure,” by only five years, could have a “Million Dollar plus” payback at retirement age.
  • Most of us older folks, if we think back to our teens and early twenties, probably wish we would have known about the “Time-Value” of money -- and had practiced more “Delayed Gratification” in some specific instances.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to teach, and demonstrate, this powerful principle to your children.
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