Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time is Your Greatest Friend - Procrastination is Your Greatest Enemy

A few days ago I participated in a Financial Workshop where the theme of the evening was inspired by two great ancient orators. In B.C. times there was a Roman orator by the name of Cicero and a Greek orator by the name of Demosthenes. When Cicero was finished speaking, the people would say "What a great speech!" However, when Demosthenes was finished speaking, the people would say, "Let us march!"

In the following video I talk about the importance of time as it relates to finances and wealth building, and I also talk about the pitfalls and consequences of procrastination. I hope you like the video, however, when you are finished watching, I hope that you are not praising me for the great presentation skills and showmanship, but that you are inspired and ready to take action. And, hopefully you will be saying to yourself, "Let us march!"

I hope you enjoy and please leave me your comments below!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Worrying Makes Problems Worse
Written by Zig Ziglar

Worrying about the results will not change them. I certainly recognize that a certain amount of worry is just part of being human. People have concerns about many things. There are legitimate concerns about money and financial security. There are legitimate concerns about health issues, and there are concerns about our personal and professional relationships. People want all of these things to go well in their lives, and a certain amount of worry and concern is normal. But there is another kind of worry that is not only dangerous to your health; it is dangerous to your success. The kind of worry I’m talking about is “imagined worry.” Imagined worry is when you spend a lot of time thinking about the future and what might happen in your life that could be terrible. My late friend Mary Crowley said, “Worry is a misuse of the imagination,” and she hit the nail on the head with that remark.

Now you might be wondering why I’m so concerned about worrying and what it has to do with success and expecting to win, so I’ll tell you. Worry is the most significant factor that relates to the root of negative thinking. As a matter of fact, worry just might be the engine that starts negative thinking, and if you are involved in negative thinking, you will not expect to win. If you spend an excessive amount of time imagining all the bad things that can happen in your life, you will become a person who is problem-conscious, not solution-conscious. There is perhaps no greater example of how this can be so dangerous than when it involves worrying about health issues. I have known many people who receive bad medical reports, and when they hear the news, they begin to worry so much about it their life may as well have ended at that moment. We all know people who suffer this way and we suffer with them. There doesn’t seem to be a single thing we can do or say to encourage and lift them up.

On the other hand, we all know people who suffer in the worst way and never make mention of their struggle. In fact, they seem embarrassed if we catch them grimacing in pain or taking a bad step. They don’t want attention focused on what they can’t do or how they hurt and suffer; they want to be “others” centered and get their mind off of their disability. These individuals have accepted their issue as a part of life and have decided to make the very best of their circumstances. They are an encouragement and example to everyone blessed enough to know them! Yes, they have bad days, but they choose to focus on the good days and what they can still do. They live in the moment and know full well that tomorrow will be what it is and they can deal with it when it arrives, not before.

Zig Ziglar’s Born to Win: Find Your Success Code compresses four decades of life-changing tools and practices into an inspiring, concise and easy-to-use format for bottom-line people who want to grow and improve their lives “right now!”

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yes WE Can!
Written by Darren Hardy

Who is the most important person involved in staging a global economic comeback?
  • The current President of the United States?
  • Whoever the next President is?
  • The Fed Chairman?
  • The U.S. Treasury Secretary?


The most important person for the future of the United States and global economy is YOU—the entrepreneur.

You have heard the statistics before, but they are worth repeating as it shows you the tremendous power and burden YOU have for making an economic recovery possible.

U.S. Small Business Administration reports that, small businesses are responsible for 58% of all jobs and half of the total GDP. 64% of all new jobs were created solely by small businesses over the past 19 years.

Small businesses:
  • Represent 99.7% of all employer firms
  • Employ more than 50% the private-sector employees
  • Pay 44% of the total U.S. private payroll
  • Have generated more than 64% of all new jobs during the past 15 years
  • And create more than 50% the private gross domestic product
*statistics from U.S. Small Business Administration

Carl Schramm, president of the Kauffman Foundation says this, “Entrepreneurs, people who now create more than half the new jobs in America,are defining the new economy, not just here, but around the world. We could call the current era the age of entrepreneurial capitalism.”

This new era is changing the face of what we think of as the entrepreneur as well.

Entrepreneurs over the next decade will be far more diverse than their predecessors in age, origin and gender.

If you are in the business of recruiting or selling to entrepreneurs this is very important information for you.

Traditionally entrepreneurs came predominantly out of the middle of the age spectrum, but now are now coming more extensively from the edges.

These are people nearing retirement… and their children just entering the job market.

A Kauffman report, “The Coming Entrepreneurship Boom,” said that the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity for the last 10 years has been among the 55 to 64 age group. The research states that the United States might be on the cusp of an entrepreneurship boom—not in spite of the aging population, but because of it.”

There are a number of factors triggering this. Certainly the current economy and the loss of retirement nest eggs are part of it. But also life expectancy has risen and people are staying healthier and living far longer.

In addition, long-term jobs with pensions are becoming a thing of the past. There has also been an increasing trend to force older workers out through layoffs, buy outs, outsourcing overseas, and early retirement so younger, less costly employees could be hired.

On the opposite side of the spectrum entrepreneurship professor Jeff Cornwall of Belmont University calls the current rise of Generation Y (ages 5 to 25) “the most entrepreneurial generation ever.”

The new face of entrepreneurship will also be more feminine. The glass ceiling that has limited women’s corporate career paths will send more women to the small business sector than ever before.

And the face will be multicultural. Immigrant entrepreneurs will help drive a new wave of globalization.

These are times of great opportunity if you pay attention to the way the waves are moving, grab your surfboard, jump in the water and start paddling like crazy.

No matter the campaign slogan or campaign promise of any Presidential candidate, none of them have the power to change your economic future—only YOU do.

Content republished with permission from Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS magazine. For more great insights, tips and strategies on success and achievement go to More about Darren Hardy can be found at:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is Wolf Blitzer Hurting America?
Written by Darren Hardy

(CNN-) Disaster. Crisis. Failure. Scandal. Tragic. Devastation. Danger. Emergency. Threat. Crash… just a few words spoken by Wolf Blitzer in “The Situation Room” within only a five-minute span. If you listen to The Wolf, the world is coming to an end… every five minutes. And we wonder why people feel hopeless (giving up the belief that a job even exists), fearful (pessimistic about the future) and lack confidence (market and otherwise) when you have The Wolf & Friends spreading the gospel of fear, worry, danger and anxiety in our family rooms, offices, cars and airports 24/7.

The damage these constant and repeated messages have on our consciousness and creative potential is “devastating.”

What controls your attention controls your life.
Where your attention goes, energy flows and so goes your life. When I interviewed racecar-driving legend Mario Andretti, I asked him for the No. 1 success tip to racecar driving. His answer, “Don’t look at the wall.” He explained, “Your car goes where your eyes go.” If you are a tightrope walker, what’s the one thing you never do? Right, look down. Why? Your body will follow your eyes. Your body (your life) also follows your eyes (your attention). If you point your eyes at Constant Negative News (there’s an acronym for that), your life will also go in that direction.

Your mind is like an empty glass. It will hold anything you put into it. You put in sensational news, salacious headlines and talk show rants and you are pouring dirty water into your glass. If you’ve got dark, dismal, worrisome water in your glass, everything you create will be filtered through that muddy mess, because that’s what you’ll be thinking about. Garbage in, garbage out.

You can flush your dirty glass with clean, clear, pure water. What is clear water? Positive, inspirational and supportive input and ideas. Stories of aspiration, people who, despite challenges, are overcoming obstacles and achieving great things. Strategies of success, prosperity, health, love and joy. Ideas to create more abundance, to grow, expand and become more. But it’s a constant battle as we are surrounded by those who want to spew dirty water into our glass constantly.

Why does The Wolf do it?

The fight for your attention has never been bloodier. Once upon a time there were only a few TV channels, a few radio stations (that came in), a few major newspapers and a handful of magazines. Now there are thousands of each, plus blogs, RSS feeds, text alerts, iPad apps, satellite radio, Pandora, tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn notifications, ad nauseam. So to compete in this bare-knuckled blood sport The Wolf has to shock you into paying attention to him (and his advertisers) and nothing gets your attention like good old-fashioned fear.

Your mind is not designed to make you happy. Did you know that? Happiness is not its job. Its main and sole concern is survival, to keep you alive, thus it is on constant watch looking out for any danger or impending threat. The Wolf knows this. The Wolf knows your mind better than you. He can’t get your attention (or the needed Nielsen audience measurement metrics) with happy feel-good stories and reports. Positive potential, abundance and optimism don’t grab your mind by the shirt collar like danger, disaster and tragedy does.

The media is crippling our creative potential.

You get in life what you create. Expectation drives the creative process. What do you expect? You expect what you are thinking about. Your thought process, the conversation in your head, is the foundation of the results you create in life. What are you thinking about? What is influencing and directing your thoughts? The answer: whatever you’re allowing yourself to hear and see. The input you are feeding your mind is what it is processing and thinking about.

If you listen to The Wolf you will be constantly reminded of, and thinking about, the tragic unemployment rate, the volatile and uncertain stock market, the gloomy state of the economy, scandals on Wall Street, gossip and shenanigans in Washington… after the relentless coverage of the latest tsunami, hurricane, car bombing, heinous murder and other calamities. Feed your mind repeated meals of that junk food and then wonder why you don’t feel very motivated to find a job or start a new business.

You can change the world—your world.

You can rid your world of all wars, murders, crimes, scandals, gossip, corruption and international disasters. You have that much power… in the palm of your hand.

How? Hit the OFF button. Turn off your TV. Turn off your radio. Cancel your newspaper subscription.

I learned an important life philosophy long ago. Control what’s controllable. What you can’t control is the national economy. What you can control is your economy. What you can’t control is what Washington does about healthcare. What you can control is the care of your own health. What you can’t control is how the president is running the country. What you can control is how you are running your business, household and life. What you can’t control is the war in Afghanistan. What you can control is the peace and harmony in your own home. Stop paying attention to what you can’t control, or it will control you and your life.

It’s time to take back control of your mind so you can take back your life. Stop letting other people influence your attitude, your hope for the future and your potential to do something great. Focus your mind and attention on what is right with the world and what’s possible for you. At the same time The Wolf is pointing out the 12 ugly, heinous, murderous and disastrous things that happened in the world today, millions of wonderful, miraculous and beautiful things happened as well. Step out of the perverted view of the world from “The Situation Room” and into the world of abundance, splendor and the unlimited positive potential that surrounds you every day. Focus your attention on ideas, information and knowledge that can help you grow, prosper, create and contribute to making a positive difference in your world… and you might just do something to change the world.

Content republished with permission from Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine. For more great insights, tips and strategies on success and achievement go to More about Darren Hardy can be found at: