Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time is Your Greatest Friend - Procrastination is Your Greatest Enemy

A few days ago I participated in a Financial Workshop where the theme of the evening was inspired by two great ancient orators. In B.C. times there was a Roman orator by the name of Cicero and a Greek orator by the name of Demosthenes. When Cicero was finished speaking, the people would say "What a great speech!" However, when Demosthenes was finished speaking, the people would say, "Let us march!"

In the following video I talk about the importance of time as it relates to finances and wealth building, and I also talk about the pitfalls and consequences of procrastination. I hope you like the video, however, when you are finished watching, I hope that you are not praising me for the great presentation skills and showmanship, but that you are inspired and ready to take action. And, hopefully you will be saying to yourself, "Let us march!"

I hope you enjoy and please leave me your comments below!

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