Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to "Step Outside the Box" and Teach Your Children About Finances Sooner

We may be going through some tough economic times with weak employment numbers and a negative prognosis projected forward. But, that is why I can see no better time than now to start teaching our kids the responsibility, good habits and self-esteem they will need to navigate their way to
finding opportunity and financial success in their futures. I believe it is our responsibility to guide our kids and not rely only on outside influence. So, we need to act now to teach important fiancial principles to our children and not just hope that they learn them in school or from some kind of positive influence. In the following video, I share some "out of the box" ideas that I used with my own kids and that you can use now to point your kids down the path to financial success. With this, my hope is that for your kids, they might just have one less thing to worry about than we currently have to worry about - financial security.

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