Sunday, November 11, 2012

Two Things That Can Really Cost You: Waiting to Invest and Recovering from that Waiting

The most powerful concept, in my opinion, that everyone needs to understand about wealth building is the time-value of money. What I am talking about is the fact that even a small, insignificant amount of money left to grow over a long period of time can actually grow to an amount that can be very
significant and life changing to most people. This has also been described as the power of compound interest and even Albert Einstein has declared this to be "the most powerful force in the universe," so you don't have to just take my word for it!

In the following video I show you visually the high cost of waiting to invest. I also take it a little further by demonstrating that it is never too late to start investing, even if you have procrastinated and waited. Let's face it, you cannot go back in the past and start investing earlier. But, it is possible to recover from those past mistakes and I will show you how expensive it is going to be if you wanted to make that recovery. But, after you see this, you should agree that even though it is never too late to start, it is always too wait!

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