Sunday, November 25, 2012

When is 4% Twice as Much as 8%?

You may be thinking that I made a typo and that I instead meant to write "When is 8% twice as much as 4%?" Because, how can 4% ever be more than, much less, twice as much as 8%? You might also be thinking, 8 is obviously always twice as much as 4 and never vice-versa. Right? Could it be
that I have lost my ability to do simple arithmetic or that maybe I am a little off my rocker? Well, that's all possible, but, in this case, it's definitely not a typo! What I'd like to do is to help you make a little bit of a paradigm shift.

In the following video I will demonstrate how easy it can be to make a mistake that could potentially cut your retirement savings in half by just simply not signing on the right dotted line. A mistake that can negatively effect your bottom in the same not-so-obvious way that makes it possible for 4% to be twice as much as 8%. So, I have a question for you: When do you think most people realize they made this costly mistake? Sadly for most, it is when it is too late. And what makes things worse, is that since the mistake is not so obvious, many people never even realize it happened in the first place. By never realizing this mistake, the lesson to correct it cannot be passed on to others or to future generations. I hope this finds you at a time when this information can benefit you (or someone in your life) and hopefully instead of only getting half, you get twice as much ... or even more!

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