Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Rule of 72 and Its Many Lessons

Have you ever heard of the Rule of 72? If you haven't then you are pretty normal because a lot of times it is called The Bankers Rule, and the Banks definitely have no incentive to teach us this rule. However, the Rule of 72 is probably one of the most profound financial principles as it relates to how money works. All it takes is a comprehension of 5th grade math to understand, but the problem is that, for the most part, it is not really taught at school.

In the following video I demonstrate many of the financial lessons you can learn from knowing the Rule of 72, including examples of how the Rule of 72 can work for you, as well some examples of how it can work against you.

If you cannot view the video please click on this link

If you would like to follow along, I have also included a worksheet that you can click on and print out. I hope you enjoy and please leave me your comments below.

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