Saturday, February 23, 2013

3 Reasons Why Many Aren't Doing As Well As They'd Like to with Their Money

The last almost four years I have had the privilege of going around and meeting with many different families and groups of people and showing them how money really works. I mean, we've all been taught in school the subjects of Math, English and Science, etc., but most of us really haven't been given any course on
Personal Finances or Money 101. We are all taught Algebra (no offense to Algebra), but many of us are not really using it later in life. We all use money on a daily basis, however, most of us are never even taught about it in school. In the following video, based on my experience of meeting many people over the years, I have boiled it down to three main reasons why many people are not doing as well as they'd like to with their money.

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