Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Three "D's" of Successful Investing

There is a lot of uncertainty keeping many out of the stock market these days. Even though the stock market recently climbed to new record highs, many people still have the fresh memories of 2008 when their 401Ks turned into 201Ks. Many people are still bitter from pulling their money out at this time and incurred heavy losses.
I heard on the news recently that had you stayed in the market, by now (March of 2013) you may just be recovering from your 2008 losses. So, for better or worse, it looks as if we survived the worst economic period in history since the Great Depression.

But even with this latest bit of good news, I still see a lot of people not so sure about getting back in the market because of the future's uncertainty. I can understand this because I know a lot of our financial decisions are made with our emotions and not necessarily with our more logical mind. Nobody knows what the future holds and I'm definitely not saying that I do, however one thing that I do know for certain is that the market will go up and down and continue to do so in a pretty unpredictible fashion. I think one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is waiting around on the sidelines and trying to figure out when it will be the best time to get back into the market. Hopefully in the following video, I can eleviate some of your worries as I offer some tips on how to create a successful investment strategy by implementing the three "D's" of successful investing.

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