Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why Entrepreneurs Are Healthier
Written by Darren Hardy

I read a Gallup report recently that cracked me up.

I laughed because I thought, “Of course!” But it made big news in the mainstream media.

This was the conclusion of an exhaustive Gallup study of 273,175 people from all 50 states done over 10 months:

“Entrepreneurs are healthier than everyone else.”

See, you laughed, right?

I could have told them that and saved them the trouble. (Psst…Hey, Gallup! They are happier, too!)

So if there weren’t enough reasons to be an entrepreneur, here are a few more:

You’ll be healthier, feel better and be slimmer!

This is what is specifically written in the The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Report:

“Better health appears to be one of the perks of being an entrepreneur in America. In the U.S., entrepreneurs are less likely than other workers to report having ever been diagnosed with chronic health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. And they are much less likely to be obese—19% vs. 25%—than other workers.”


Entrepreneurs have better habits (another shocking headline!).

Get this: The report found they exercise more (60% vs. 54%) and eat better—more fruits and vegetables (61% vs. 55%).

Oh, and they also take more self-responsibility (Whaaat!? Hold the phone!). They are also less likely to have health insurance (1 in 10 vs. 1 in 4).

Here’s the bottom line (from Gallup):

“Entrepreneurs are less likely than other employed adults to report having chronic health problems and more likely to report better health behaviors. One possible explanation for these differences may be that the discipline and energy needed for entrepreneurs to start and run their own businesses may also drive them to exercise and eat fruits and vegetables regularly.”

So if you want to live longer, better, healthier and be sexier, become an entrepreneur today!

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