Sunday, December 22, 2013

What stops you from taking action?
Written by Jack Canfield

When leading seminars, I’ll demonstrate the power of taking action by holding up a $100 bill and asking “Who wants this?”

Most people raise their hands. Some even shout out, “I’ll take it!” But I just stand there waiting until someone finally gets it … jumping up, rushing to the stage, and grabbing the bill from my hand.

The person who took action leaves the room with an extra $100. But everyone else also ends up richer, because they get the opportunity to ask themselves, “What did I tell myself that stopped me from getting up and taking the money?”

When we don’t take actions that will move us closer to our goals, it’s usually because we've said something to stop ourselves. The things you say to stop yourself from taking action in one situation are usually the same things you say to stop yourself in other areas of your life.

I encourage you to stop waiting for things to happen, and instead start taking action. Success takes more than belief. It requires action... by YOU!

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