Saturday, November 29, 2014

Staying Focused in the Face of Negativity
Written by Jack Canfield

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on is what you will attract into your life. This is why it’s essential to stay focused on your goals.

Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to maintain focus in today’s world, where we’re bombarded by negative messages from the media, co-workers, friends, relatives and even clients.

The good news is that you can take action to shield yourself from motivation-sapping, fear-instilling negativity. This article shares 5 easy ways to get started.

Tip #1: Accept 100% Responsibility
The most critical principle to master if you want to create greater success is to accept 100 percent responsibility for your life – including the type and amount of negativity to which you allow yourself to be exposed.

Your job is to take care of yourself. This includes creating environments that are conducive to success. Take note of how negativity manifests in your life, and then consider ways that you can reduce your exposure.

For instance, do you watch or read the news every day? Try abstaining, and trust that if anything major happens, such as a natural disaster, someone will tell you. At that point, you can choose to read an article or two to bring yourself up to date.

Do you have well-meaning relatives who urge you not to follow your dreams because they fear the consequences of the risks you’ll take to achieve your goals? You may want to limit the time you spend with these individuals.

Alternatively, recognize their advice for what it is: an expression of their love and concern for you. The simple truth is that many people are blind to their limiting beliefs and how it colors their view of the world. Simply thank these well-meaning individuals for caring enough about you to share their thoughts, then turn your attention back to your goals.

Tip #2: Release Negative Feelings
To attract what you want in life, you must live in a state of love, joy and gratitude. Negative environments stir up feelings of fear, anxiety and doubt, which must be released so that you can return to a higher state of feeling and vibration.

The Sedona Method, created by Hale Dwoskin, offers a fast and effective solution to the need to release negative feelings.

Start by tuning in to the feeling that is disturbing you. Really feel the emotion – welcome it and let it flood your body.

Then ask yourself, “Could I let it [the feeling] go?” Both “yes” and “no” are acceptable answers.

Next, ask, “Would I let it go?” If your answer is “no,” ask whether you would rather have this feeling or would you rather be free.

Finally, ask, “When?” This is an invitation to let the feeling go now. You can make the decision to release a feeling anytime you want. Repeat the entire process as often as needed until you feel free of that particular feeling.

Most people either wallow in their negative emotions or they try to resist experiencing negative feelings. Neither approach works. Use the Sedona Method to allow your emotions to flow through you, so that you can return to a positive state.

Tip #3: The Evening Review
Whatever you read, see, listen to, talk about and experience during the last 45 minutes of your evening has a huge influence on your sleep and your next day. During the night, your unconscious mind replays and processes this late-night input up to six times more often than anything else you experienced during the day. Use the following process to focus your unconscious mind.

Sit with your eyes closed, breathing deeply. Ask your mind to show you where you could have been more effective, more conscious, more loving, more assertive, or more of any other characteristic you want to focus on. (Note: review only one characteristic at a time).

You’ll see that a number of events from the day will come to mind. Observe them without any self-criticism. Then take each incident and replay in it in your mind the way you would have preferred to have done it. This will help you form the desired behavior the next time you face the same situation.

Tip #4: The Daily Success Focus Journal
Another way to stay focused on your goals and on the positive is to create a Daily Success Focus Journal.

Each evening, identify 5 accomplishments you made throughout the day. Next, identify why each accomplishment is important to you. Then, identify how you can make further progress in the same area. Finally, write down a specific action step that will lead to this progress and enter the to-do item into your schedule.

Tip #5: Create Your Ideal Day
Before you leave work or go to bed, take a few minutes to plan your schedule for the following day. Doing so sets you up for success, as you’ll be able to get right to work as soon as you begin your day.

After planning your schedule, take a few additional minutes to visualize your day going exactly as you want it. See yourself performing at your best in every situation you will encounter. This gives your subconscious all night to work on creating ways to make it all happen just as you visualized it. Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what else is happening. They choose to concentrate on their success, rather than their failures, and on the next action steps they need to take. Use the tips outlined in this article to stay positive and proactive as you create your ideal life.

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul©Inspirational Books)© and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thriving through the Holidays
Written by Jim Rohn

Thanksgiving is close, and December festivities are right behind it. I believe our holiday times should be wonderful and filled with lasting and enjoyable moments and memories. So how can we ensure that we come out of the holidays in January with great memories of the past couple of months? Here are six thoughts that will help you enjoy the holidays the way they were intended to be experienced:

1. Be temperate.
Enjoy the food. Enjoy the treats. Enjoy the busy schedule of activities and parties. But also be disciplined enough to know when to hold back, when to say no. When we go overboard, we regret it and lose the opportunity to fully experience that moment. But when we enjoy a little and refrain from going too far, we can enjoy all that little piece of time has to offer.

2. Lower your expectations.
Much of the frustration people experience from the holidays is from setting their expectations too high. They expect presents to be perfect and when they aren't, they get frustrated or disappointed. Instead of having huge expectations this holiday season, just take it as it comes and delight in what you can.

3. Enjoy what you can and ignore the rest.
You can't control other people or their actions. If a family member pushes the limits of your patience, ignore that and instead focus on how much you can relish the time you have with other family members. If things don't go perfectly—which they won't—then enjoy what you can and let the rest slide. You will feel a lot better about life if you can take all things a little easier.

4. Stay out of debt.
Debt is a killer. It will steal your enjoyment of life. Be sure to stay within your financial boundaries this holiday season. The last thing you want is to start the new year with a deeper burden financially. You don't have to impress anyone; just buy gifts that you can afford and express your heartfelt feeling in the giving.

5. Take time for yourself.
Take time to read. Take a long bath if that relaxes you. Take a walk. Spend some quiet time in front of a fire. Don't rush through the holidays and zap all of your energy. Your mind and body need to be reenergized, so be sure to take time to do so.

6. Focus on your spiritual life.
Ultimately, no matter what tradition you come from, the holidays are historically days in which we focus on the spiritual side of life. But our culture today tends to stay away from a focus on the spiritual, and that has even crept into our holidays. Be sure to place an emphasis on building your faith and growing in that area. This will help keep you grounded and able to deal with anything that may come your way.

Jim Rohn, America's Foremost Business Philosopher, reprinted with permission from Jim Rohn International © 2014. As a world-renowned author and success expert, Jim Rohn touched millions of lives during his 46-year career as a motivational speaker and messenger of positive life change. For more information on Jim and his popular personal achievement resources or to subscribe to the weekly Jim Rohn Newsletter, visit

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Put the Action in Attraction
Written by Jack Canfield

When activated, the Law of Attraction can make it effortless to achieve your dreams. But many people are missing a key ingredient that negates all of the important inner work they do – action!

Law of Attraction teachers Esther and Jerry Hicks, speak often about the importance of the inner journey and the action journey, explaining that one hour of internal work has the same impact as seven hours of taking action in the outer world.

The problem is that many people spend so much time on inner work, that they fail to spend adequate time in action. Balance between inner and outer work is essential.

Here are 5 ways you can move into action – starting today:

1. Develop a strategic action plan. By creating a detailed list of every action steps that you need to achieve each goal, you’ll find it easier to move into action. You won’t waste time wondering what to do – you’ll see it clearly laid out before you. In addition to creating action plans to achieve your goals, identify steps to take to overcome every one of your obstacles – both inner and outer.

2. Follow the trail. Identifying what action steps you need to take doesn’t have to be difficult. After all, other people have blazed a trail for you to follow. If you want to shorten your learning curve, find someone who has achieved the goal you’re pursing. Ask them what steps they took to achieve success … then follow their lead.

3. Rule of 5. When Mark Victor Hansen and I published our first Chicken Soup for the Soul book, we were overwhelmed with possibilities and ideas for making the book a best-seller. A wonderful teacher, Ron Scolastico, shared a powerful piece of wisdom. “If you would go every day to a very large tree and take five swings at it with a very sharp ax, no matter how large the tree, it would have to come down!” From that lesson came the Rule of 5, which simply means that every day, you must do five specific things to move your goal toward completion. (Daily utilization of our new Top 5 Action Cards is the simplest way to ensure that you are taking meaningful, daily action to achieve your goals.)

4. Involve others. If you’ve developed a habit of spending too much time involved with inner work, it’s easy to let yourself slip when it comes to taking action. Sharing your specific commitments with another person can be powerful in ensuring that you follow through on what you vow to do. An accountability partner is someone who meets with you daily by telephone to share your commitments for the day – and to hold you accountable for meeting your goals. A coach can also help to hold you accountable, as well as help you explore what might be fueling your behavior when you don’t keep your commitments. Finally, a business partner can be a tremendous support. I am blessed to be business partners with Patty Aubery, holds me accountable, as well as motivates and inspires me when I’m feeling funky. I do the same for her. We each have unique skills and talents that we bring to our partnership, and we keep each other in action.

5. Check your beliefs. Many of us have beliefs that limit our success – including beliefs about our ability to take action, about our capabilities, and about what it takes to succeed. Take time to identify any negative beliefs that might be impeding your desire or ability to take action, such as If you find that you have negative beliefs regarding action – such as “It doesn’t matter what I do, it’s not going to work anyway.”

Chapter 33 of The Success Principles includes powerful exercises to shift limiting beliefs.

In addition, I’ll offer you something that I use myself: A small sign on my computer that says, “So what? Do it anyway.” So what if you’re afraid? So what if it’s expensive? So what if you’ve never done it before? So what if you don’t have all the information? Do it anyway, because once you take action, you’ll get feedback, and feedback tells you how to do it better.

Remember, the last six letters in the word “attraction” are “action.” If you want to achieve results, you cannot only work on your internal world. You must also take action!

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul©Inspirational Books)© and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Forging Your Character
Written by Jim Rohn

Personal success is built on the foundation of character, and character is the result of hundreds and hundreds of choices you might make that gradually turn who you are at any given moment into who you want to be. If that decision-making process is not present, you'll still be somebody—you'll still be alive—but you may have a personality rather than a character, and to me that's something very different.

Character isn't something you were born with and can't change, like your fingerprints. It's something you must take responsibility for forming. You build character by how you respond to what happens in your life, whether it's winning every game, losing every game, getting rich or dealing with hard times.

You build character from certain qualities that you must create and diligently nurture within yourself, just like you would a plant and water a seed or gather wood to build a campfire. You've got to look for those things in your heart and in your gut. You've got to chisel away in order to find them, just like chiseling away rock to create the sculpture that has previously existed only in the imagination.

But the really amazing thing about character is that if you're sincerely committed to making yourself into the person you want to be, you'll not only create those qualities, you'll strengthen them and re-create them in abundance. Building your character is vital to becoming all you can be.

Jim Rohn, America's Foremost Business Philosopher, reprinted with permission from Jim Rohn International © 2014. As a world-renowned author and success expert, Jim Rohn touched millions of lives during his 46-year career as a motivational speaker and messenger of positive life change. For more information on Jim and his popular personal achievement resources or to subscribe to the weekly Jim Rohn Newsletter, visit

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rich Habits
Written by Darren Hardy

Last week I shared with you the two Money Making Rules that I live and thrive by. To continue our theme of wealth, I’ve picked my favorite ½ dozen rich habits.

Now let’s create a 30 day Get Rich Campaign:

Just for 30 days, exercise the habits of a rich person. Just 30, after that you can go back to poor habits if you like, but only for 30… until the next issue of SUCCESS Magazine hits your mailbox, try on these habits.

You in?

Okay… the first habit is:

#1: 80% of rich people have long-term goals. While only 12% of poor people do.

So this one should be easy. You should already have long-term goals.

But I am always amazed when I ask someone if they have long-term goals, and they say “oh ya sure!” then I ask to see where they have written them down… and that is when things get uncomfortable.

So number one, be sure you have clearly defined, long-term goals… and that they are written down. The next time we cross paths I just might ask to see them… so be ready!

#2: 88% of rich people spend 30min or more reading to learn vs. 0% for poor people.

Look, it’s so easy to separate yourself from the herd of mediocrity. I mean really. In 30 minutes a day, doing what… digging ditches, cliff diving, swimming with sharks? No. In 30 minutes of reading a day you can join the ranks of the rich.

So how much time each day do you… spend reading a book related to success and achievement?

This also coincides with this stat: 85% of rich people read 2 or more books per month.

If you read for 30 minutes a day, you’d read two books a month. It’s really that easy.

So for the next month, probably first thing in the morning, read something instructional, inspiring and related to your success for 30 minutes each morning. Put this habit on a sheet and track that you do it each morning.

#3: 63% of rich people listen to audio books/programs while commuting, exercising or working around the house. While only 5% of poor people do.

So now, every morning and anytime your car is moving for the next 30 days, play success oriented CDs (like the ones you find in each issue of SUCCESS).

Even if you listen to the same program over and over it will continue to elevate your mind, stir your creativity and keep it positive and abundance seeking. You get extra credit if you also do this while you jog, cycle, walk your dogs, garden or work around your house.

#4: 67% of rich people watch less than an hour of TV each day. 77% of poor people watch more than an hour.

TV is the great Bermuda Triangle of productivity, hopes, dreams and ambition. It’s the place all those values go and are never heard from again. It’s a black hole, a vortex… and it sucks the time and energy of your life right away.

While it’s fine to have some entertainment and R&R, be very, very careful as it can easily suck you in and crush several hours of your life every day.

This is also something that Brian Tracy taught me in his E:E Ratio. What separates the 5% who are wealthy and the 95% who are not?

The 95% spend their spare time on entertainment. The 5% spend a majority of their spare time on education.

This is the great divide between the Have’s and the Have Not’s. And I’m not saying you don’t ever have any entertainment. Of course not. Everything in moderation. And entertainment’s ok, in small doses.

Hey, just for the next 30 days restrict yourself to less than an hour a day. Not to worry, you can go back to poor people habits later.

Just 30 days. Can you do it? Test yourself.

#5: 89% of rich people sleep 7 hours or more each night.

This too is a big one. I am surprised how many struggle with this one.

Arianna Huffington wrote an entire book about the PRODUCTIVE benefits of sleep as her key to success. I discussed how sleep was her single most effective productivity trick in my previous blog post on WOW Productivity.

When I asked Dr. Oz the most important factor to anti-aging, vitality and good health his #1 answer was SLEEP.

So for the next 30 days, schedule and give yourself permission to sleep AT LEAST 7 hours per night. You just might be amazed at how your life will change over the next 30 days because of it.

I have found many people are sleep deprived, and they don’t even know it. When they force themselves to plan and stick to a sleep plan, they cannot believe what it was like to live alive versus as a zombie.

And your sixth and final 30-day challenge rich habit is this:

#6. 76% of rich people exercise at least 30min 4X/wk.

By the way, this will help you with #5. A lot of times the reason why people don’t sleep well or long enough is because their body is not tired enough. Oh sure your mind, emotions and adrenals might be tired as all get out, but if your body isn’t exhausted and ready to rest, it will keep you up tossing and turning and waking up still mentally exhausted.

So for the next 30 days, stick to a disciplined and rigorous, AT LEAST 4X/wk exercise plan. I’d say bump it up to an hour, or at least 45minutes.

But if you can’t do that then at least do the 30 minutes 4X/wk. You can always find 30 minutes no matter how busy you are, where you are or what you have access to.

There you have it, your 30-Day Rich Habit Challenge:
1) Clarify and write down your long-term goals.
2) Read success materials for 30 minutes a day.
3) Listen to success materials while your drive or are mobile.
4) Less than an hour of TV a day.
5) More than 7 hours of sleep a day.
6) More than 30 minutes of vigorous exercise (not walking) 4X/wk.

Easy, no problem, you can do this. But you have to actually DO this… not just listen, say to yourself, that was interesting, then go back to your, let’s just say less than rich habits.

You in?

Content republished with permission from Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS magazine. For more great insights, tips and strategies on success and achievement go to More about Darren Hardy can be found at: