Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to Overcome One of the Biggest Challenges to Achieving Financial Independence

So, what do I mean by Financial Independence. Financial Independence doesn't necessarily mean becoming rich or stone-wealthy. The definition will actually have a different meaning depending on the person you talk to and their unique situation, as well as their goals and dreams. All I mean is that when you achieve
Financial Independence you have the ability to totally take care of yourself; you are no longer dependent; you are no longer dependent on a job; you are no longer dependent on the government; you are no longer dependent on friends; you are no longer dependent on other families. I think this is what most people are striving for - complete Financial Freedom.

Along that road to Financial Independence, however, there are many pot holes and challenges in the way that can hinder you on your journey. In the following video I identify six of the most common challenges many face on their road to Financial Independence and I focus mainly on the one that I consider to be the most important. I believe that the earlier you learn and apply this new-found knowledge the cheaper the cost of your Financial Independence, hence the easier and more enjoyable the journey to your Financial Independence. Furthermore, I believe that this information is so important that not only will your future self thank you for applying it, but your friends, your family, your future generations will also thank you for sharing it with them. So, please, by all means, share what you've learned forward!

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If you would like to follow along, I have also included a worksheet that you can click on and print out. I hope you enjoy and please leave me your comments below.

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