Sunday, March 8, 2015

Life Rewards Action
Written by Chris Widener

Thinking is good, yes it is. I strongly encourage thinking. In fact, thinking plays a terrific role in success. It helps you strategize. It helps you get motivated. It tunes you into success. I am all for thinking and I do it regularly!

That being said, just thinking, no matter how good of a thinker you are, will never catapult you to success. The difference between the thinker who succeeds and the thinker who doesn’t is that the thinker who succeeds also ACTS!

Life does not reward thinking. Life rewards action. Let me clarify: Life rewards thoughtful action. .

Think first, by all means… But then ACT!

Do you want to gain wealth? The save your money – ACT!
Do you want to lose weight? Then hit the treadmill – ACT!
Do you want a new job? Then quit your current one – ACT!
Do you want to write a book? Then begin to write – ACT!
Do you want a new friend? Then introduce yourself – ACT! .

Anything you want to accomplish will only be done by bold and decisive action. .

Wishing won’t bring it about. Neither will dreaming. Nor will hoping. .

Nope, you must ACT.

What is it you want from life? Tell me. Be specific. Be clear. Think about it. Strategize. Roll it around inside that noggin of yours. Got it? Good. Now what? What will you DO to turn that non-physical electrical impulse we call a thought into a physical reality? .

There is only one thing: ACTION. .

Will you succeed? Will you achieve your dreams? Will you live the life that you want? Only you can make that decision because only you can decide whether or not you will act. .

My friends, life rewards action. Your actions do not need to be perfect. They just need to be. And then they get rewarded with success. With achievement. Accomplishment. .

We all have the power within ourselves to lead OUR life as we see it. Sometimes we just need a little help, a push or a confidence boost to step out and take the required action.

There is only one question you must answer for yourself: Will I act?

Reproduced with permission from the Chris Widener Newsletter.
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