Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Story About Twins and the Incredible Time Value of Money

On the road to retirement and to becoming financially independent, let's face it, there sure are a lot of challenges along the way. Some of the major ones most people face are debt, taxes, inflation, deceptive financial products and a general lack of investment knowledge.
I'm sure you would agree that those are some pretty big challenges to overcome. But, would you believe that as important as all of challenges I already mentioned are, not understanding the "Time-Value" of money actually trumps them all.

I can not stress enough the importance of really and truly understanding how the time-value of money works. I believe the lack of understanding this simple, yet powerful financial concept is the number one reason why many are struggling with their finances today. This lack of knowledge is pushing back or putting off many people's retirement plans as well as making many more people easy targets for deceptive financial products and practices.

In the following video I tell a story about twins and how the incredible time-value of money drastically effected each of their retirement nest-eggs.

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