Sunday, December 20, 2015

WARNING: The Killer to Your Success
Written by Darren Hardy

I have to warn you about something.
There is a murderer in your midst.
In fact, this killer lies within and it will be what kills your success.
Let me explain in the audio below:


You see, becoming successful is easy. Many people reach success.

It’s staying successful that’s hard. And most don’t.
To stay successful, you have to stay hungry.

Those, in fact, were the final words of Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech, “Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Why is this so important?
Because the enemy of success and the death of your drive and spirit, is complacency.

Complacency moves into your life so subtly and slowly like a fog bank that ends up blanketing a coastal village and then suppresses our potential without us even realizing it.

Hey, we all start out excited about life. We have grand visions and big goals. We make heroic proclamations about what we will do and who we will become. Fired up about the future with intoxicating passion surging through our veins, we tackle the unknown with unbridled courage and determination.

But then, as we stub our toes a few times we start heeding the warnings of others. Those “who know better” and eventually learn to play it safe. Our zealous enthusiasm is bridled a bit, and we meld into doing things according to “best practices” and they way it’s always been done.

Finally, with some reasonable level of success achieved, enough social admiration and a feeling of security and self-esteem obtained, we become content. Our ego is satisfied, society has accepted us and we’re “off the hook.”

THIS is when the grim reaper of complacency starts moving in. It’s part of our human nature. Our brains instinctively conserve energy by relying on things staying the same as a way to survive. Being complacent is easy. CHANGING something because it’s the right thing to do, that is what’s hard.

Complacency is what leads our resistance to change. Fear of the unknown confines us to the comfort zone of complacency, particularly when we can convince ourselves that our current condition is “good enough.” So we stay with jobs, relationships, lifestyles and identities WAY beyond the vital learning curve.

We settle in, forever enslaved to a self-contentment that caps our willingness to move into the fertile realm of insecurity, where our greater potential resides and our grand adventure awaits.

When we run from hard work and negative emotions, we are running from the very thing that we need to make us stronger. Too many times, people get into a routine in their lives. They get up and have the same breakfast. They do the same work, the same way day after day. They come home and do the same evening routine, possibly drinking too much or watching too much TV.

And then they say they are “content” with their lives. They say that they like what they are doing and how they are living their lives. But are they really content or have they gotten complacent?

How many times a day do we react to growth opportunities with: “Yeah, but” or “Why bother?”
Complacency entraps us in a dependency on situations that have long outlived their purpose, justifying all the “good” reasons why we should just play it safe, stay where we are, and not rock the boat.

But here’s the real risk—you risk LIFE. It is not contentment that makes us happy. It’s actually, quite the opposite. It’s the moments when we are striving, driving and reaching for something that we feel most spirited and alive. And look, life isn’t worth living unless you feel it, right?

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