Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Your Mind is a Garden and You Are the Gardener

The mind is like a garden. Think about the deepest, richest soil that you can imagine because that is what our mind is like. Our mind is like an inner garden and any thought that is seeded into this garden and that is tended to, nourished and cultivated will grow and will produce. However, if you don’t consciously go in to your mind, seeding thoughts, then what happens is your mind will seed itself because the mind must and will always think thoughts.

We are the gardener of our own mind, of this inner garden. We can make this inner garden of ours, with care, diligence and awareness, like a botanical masterpiece. Or through neglect it can become a mass of weeds and negatives and insecurities and worries. But, make no mistake, we are responsible for it. We cultivate it or neglect it. We are the gardener of our consciousness. And your life will always - very accurately and very perfectly - reflect the condition of your inner garden.

So, if your life is not going the way that you would like it to go; if you have goals that you want to achieve and you are not achieving them; if you have desires that you want to fulfill and they are not being fulfilled; if your harvest is not to your liking, then you must think to yourself, what type of thoughts have you been seeding into your consciousness to bring this reality to you? How have you consciously been thinking and working in your inner garden to bring these realities to you? Because, let’s face it, this is our harvest, this is our life, it’s happening to us now. It’s not like life doesn’t have anything to do with you, life is a reflection of you. This is your harvest. You’re reaping your harvest right now in your life.

Negatives are like weeds to a garden and we need to cultivate them. So, if your harvest is not to your liking, then you must start with who you are today and start weeding your mind of the negatives and cultivate your consciousness. This is important because you either consciously seed your garden or your conscious seeds itself. It feeds itself from our environment. And it just so happens that we live in a very negative environment. That is why it is so important that you take responsibility for your own consciousness – that you feed your own consciousness. Because if you don’t your consciousness will seed itself on what’s happening all around it. That’s why it’s so easy to get negative, because it is coming at us from everywhere.

So, what seed thoughts do you put into your mind? Well, if a farmer wants a crop of corn, he sows corn seeds. Now, that may make perfectly good sense when we think about the farmer, but the problem is we tend to miss this same common sense thinking so badly in our own life.

One very important thing that most people don’t realize is that our thoughts are manifesting as our consciousness and our consciousness is creating our reality.

For instance:
  • You may say that you want an abundance of money; you may say that you want financial independence, and yet you are constantly thinking about your lack and limitation – constantly thinking about how expensive things are, about the bills coming in.
  • You may want abundance but your thoughts and consciousness are of lack and limitation – and consciousness manifests as reality.
  • You may say that you wish that you could find a new job; something that was really stimulating; something that paid really well; something that you could really express yourself in and yet you’re constantly telling yourself these jobs are impossible to find.
  • You may wish you could heal yourself of your illness and have abundant vigorous health, and yet you are always thinking about your illness; always worrying about it; always focusing on it. You are manifesting it.
  • You may wish that you were a more outgoing person – really bold and confident and spontaneous, and yet you are always putting yourself down; always reminding yourself of your inadequacies and how you don’t measure up.
  • You may want strength and yet your consciousness is on weakness – and your consciousness manifests as reality.

I mean if you want to be successful, it doesn’t really make much sense to wait to start thinking any successful thoughts until after you are already successful.

We need to start thinking more like the farmer because it doesn’t matter how positive he is, if he doesn’t plant corn seeds, he is not going to get a corn crop. And what you need to do, more like the farmer, is you need to plant the seed first even though at first you don’t see anything – it looks like it’s not happening; it looks like you are wasting your time; you planted it underground and nothing is happening. But you tend to it and you nourish it and you cultivate it; then you see the little green spear break through the ground; then it becomes a shoot; then it becomes a plant; then you get the corn. But, as ludicrous as it sounds for the farmer to demand to see that little green spear break the surface before he plants the seed, that is exactly what we are asking for in our lives.

So, what you have to do is you have to seed it in your inner garden first even though you don’t see it in the outer world. You can’t wait to see it in the outer world. It hasn’t yet manifested in the outer world. And how could it if you haven’t seeded it first in your mind?

Your seeds are your thoughts and all thoughts are vibrations of energy. And you can actually feel your different thoughts with different energies and different vibrations. It just so happens that confidence vibrates at an entirely different frequency than worry. It’s not an attitude or being positive, it is that every single thought has its own vibration of energy to it. Confidence is a vibration of energy and you can feel it. You can feel it when you are in the presence of somebody who has confidence and they can feel it when you are vibrating with confidence as well. You will never ever find a person who’s feeling confident or who’s feeling successful while he or she is thinking negative defeated thoughts. You’ll never ever see it. It can’t exist. Likewise, you’ll never ever find a person who’s feeling defeated or who’s feeling worried while he or she is thinking confident and successful thoughts. It just can’t happen.

So, the question you need to ask yourself is, “Do you want to feel confident? Do you want to feel successful? Do you want to feel dynamic? Do you want to feel outrageous?”

Well, if a farmer wants a crop of corn, he must sow corn seeds! In your life, you are the gardener of your mind and you must first sow into your inner garden the thoughts of whatever it is that you want to see grow before you will ever be able to harvest it into your reality.

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